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Audio Engineer

  • Pianist for 20+ Years

  • Classically & Jazz Trained

  • Synthesizers Specialist

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"Quasar" - Composed & Orchestrated by Corey Fisher
"Grudges" - Composed & Orchestrated by Corey Fisher
"High Roller" - Composed & Orchestrated by Corey Fisher
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Corey's passion for music has lead him down many routes in the industry. He plans to dedicate his entire life to both the technical and artistic aspects of music. As a classically & jazz trained pianist, Corey has developed a unique voice as a composer over the past 20 years. His skills as a pianist and his knowledge of synthesis enables him to create genre-bending masterpieces.


Corey graduated as valedictorian with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Production from Full Sail University, where he perfected his composition and engineering skills. During his time at Full Sail, Corey discovered his love for scoring to picture and decided to enroll with Berklee College of Music where he graduated with a Master's Degree in Film Scoring.

Although his voice as a composer will never stop evolving, he has always had, and will have, the same motivations; To not only share his life, thoughts, and experiences through his compositions, but to also interpret others' ideas and stories through music. Corey plans on achieving his vision by continuing to learn, explore, and push boundaries of pre-existing thoughts, rules, and ideas in the media scoring industry. 

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